Print sizes

Our prints are issued in specific sizes. These are (width x height): 

 - 30 x 40cm;
 - 45 x 60cm; and
 - 60 x 80cm.

Print editions

An edition is the number of prints that will be made of the original illustration, in a particular size.
Once a limited edition has been sold out, then no more prints of that fashion illustration will be made in that size. 

Our prints are generally issued in limited editions of 10, 20 or 30, depending on the illustration and the print size. Each print is numbered by Sjoukje (by hand, on the front) , e.g.  1 / 10, 2 / 10, 3 / 10....up to 10 / 10.

Each edition also has a single Artist's Proof (A/P) print created, which is kept in Sjoukje Bierma's personal archives.

For example, Yellow Face is issued in 3 formats & editions:
 - 60 x 80cm, 10 editions + 1 A/P
 - 45 x 60cm, 20 editions + 1 A/P
 - 30 x 40cm, 30 editions + 1 A/P


Comparison of the different sizes of prints

Below are some comparable photos of the different sized prints, framed using 1.5 cm wide dark oak (with a 0.5 cm lip around the edge of the print).

Please note that our fashion illustration prints are sold unframed.

60 x 80 cm print 40 x 65 cm print  30 x 40 cm print